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Answers to: drawzel if you like handles, charlie if you like meatspace
Email: rainbowcrashoverride@gmail.com
Chat: [plurk.com profile] drawzel, drawzel on both aim and skype
Availability: EST (UTC-5), may poke around any time outside of 1am-8am.

Backtagging: 'til the end of time.
Fourthwalling: I'd rather not.
Threadjacking: The more the merrier.
Offensive: Don't worry about it.
Spoilers: I'm good at avoiding them when I care.

IC Permissions: If your character has the ability to make him human again, please give me a shout first before moving forward with anything.
Poking, prodding, annoying: Go nuts.
Fighting: He will surely fight back; if you think you can maim him, we should probably converse.

Rev/Evo spoilers aren't likely to come up (except in my app), but since I'm playing post-Evo, drop me a note if you want to be safe.

Anon and screening are on; IP logging is off. Love, hate, crit, requests, permissions, and anything else you want to dump may go here. I'm both thick-skinned and house-broken.
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A paper trail for my personal benefit, but may also assist others with character-stalking.

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